Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer is Over

Or at least summer vacation is. The boys started back to school yesterday, excited to see old friends and all the new changes ahead of them.

Adam is now in middle school as a 6th grader
at Riverside. He has a long ride to school, but the upside is he gets to sleep a little bit longer. Alot of changes heading into middle school; changing classes, gym uniforms, multiple teachers, taking band, a little more independence plus resposibility that comes with it not to mention alot more homework. So far he is very excited about the change to middle school and has grown up some over the summer with helping out with chores.
Christopher is in 3rd grade at Bell's Crossing.
He has less adjustments to make and has jumped right in to the new school year!
He is very excited about his teacher and so are we! She is super organized & on top of things!
Both boys are playing sports this fall so it makes for some crazy nights. Adam is playing baseball, Christopher signed up for football.

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